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Customized Drip Coffee, Customized Tea bag, Tea bag Gift Box, Coffee bag, Drip Coffee Gift box

Choose your favorite color from our unique graphic packaging design, contact us to know the latest beans or tea menu, pick up an exclusive gift box for your customized gift.
These regional differences create a diverse range of flavors, Ethiopian coffee beans often exhibit fruity and floral notes with a bright acidity.Colombian coffee beans are known for their medium body, balanced acidity, and notes of caramel and nuts.Brazilian coffee beans tend to have a full body, low acidity, and flavors of chocolate and nuts.Costa Rican coffee beans often have a bright acidity, medium body, and hints of citrus and honey.Kenyan coffee beans are known for their bright acidity, wine-like flavor, and fruity undertones.
Here are some examples:Lightly roasted coffee beans maintain more of their original characteristics, offering a bright acidity, delicate flavors, and floral or fruity notes.Medium roast: Medium-roasted beans have a balanced acidity, medium body, and flavors that range from nutty and chocolatey to slightly caramelized.Dark roast: Dark-roasted beans have a bolder, fuller body, with reduced acidity. They often exhibit smoky, rich, and roasted flavors, sometimes with hints of bitterness.
Brewing a drip coffee bag is simple: hang the bag on the cup, pour hot water (90-96 degrees Celsius), wait for 3-5 minutes, remove the bag, and enjoy your delicious coffee. Add sugar, milk, or other ingredients according to your taste. Please follow the instructions provided with the coffee bag.
Different tea growing regions offer distinct flavor profiles. For example, Chinese Longjing tea has a refreshing and smooth taste, while Indian Assam black tea features robust malty and chocolaty notes. Japanese Sencha has a fresh grassy aroma, and Taiwanese Oolong tea exhibits floral and fruity fragrances. The soil, climate, and processing techniques of each region contribute to the unique flavors of the tea. This allows tea enthusiasts to explore a diverse range of tea flavors and indulge in the distinct characteristics offered by different tea-growing regions.
Brewing a tea bag is easy: place the tea bag in a cup or teapot, pour hot water over it, steep for the recommended time (2-5 minutes), gently squeeze the bag, and enjoy your flavorful tea. Add honey, lemon, or other ingredients to taste. Follow the specific instructions provided with the tea bag, as different types of tea may have different brewing guidelines.

Coffee and Tea - Customized Drip Coffee, Customized Tea Bag, Coffee and Tea Gift, Coffee Set, Tea Set.

A personalized delight for discerning enthusiasts. Tailor-made to your preferences, choose from a selection of high-quality coffee beans and tea leaves to curate a truly unique experience. With SourceEC “unique packaging design”, Each drip coffee sachet and tea bag is thoughtfully crafted to deliver rich, distinctive flavors that match your taste profile. Indulge in the art of customization and elevate your daily ritual with this exceptional gift. Perfect for yourself or as a thoughtful gesture, savor the pleasure of a perfectly brewed cup, personalized just for you.