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Card USB Flash Drive - Corporate Gifts, Souvenirs, Promotional Premium Gifts

Card USB Flash Drive combines name card and USB Flash Drive as one promotion gift. It has three advantages.

(1)Sharp shape. The USB is designed as a credit card. Our size usually is 86(L)*54(W)*30(20-40)(H)mm. The tiny metal case takes up about only as much space as a business card, so finding space for it is no problem at all.
(2)Customerised printing. Like all business card, we could print the logo of both sides. A customized flash drive that your prospects, customers, clients, and employees can carry with them in their wallets. This Mini Flip Wallet Card personalized flash drive is just the thing for the busy executive or professional on the go, and it is bound to keep your company name on the lips of your customers and clients.
(3)Smart Business Cards. Smart Business Cards are ideal for companies who value the importance of technology and instant brand awareness. Distribute these business cards like you would any other type of calling card. We've added a tear-off USB that your prospects can plug directly into a computer to launch your website, files, or other promotional material. There's no better way to get your contacts to visit your site and buy your products and services.

Use Card USB Flash Drive as a promotional tool to drum up business at an industry gathering, trade show, or other event. Please submit a request to find out more on how Smart can work for your products and customers and increase sales from SourceEC.