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Vacuum Flask Gifts - Corporate Gifts, Souvenirs, Promotional Premium Gifts, Door Gift

Trendy vacuum flask is a bottle made of stainless steel with hollow walls. The narrow region between the inner and outer wall is evacuated of air. Using vacuum as insulator avoids heat transfer by conduction or convection. Vacuum flask is often used to keep beverages either hot or cool. A high quality vacuum flask will keep liquid cool for over 10 hours and warm for up to 20 hours.

There are many kinds of vacuum flasks of great different prices. How to select high quality vacuum flask as a good promotional gift? SourceEC gives you some easy advises.

First of all, the material polishing should be fine and you cannot find scratches inside or outside the vacuum flask. Secondly, the welding of vacuum flask should be smooth and sealed tightly. There is one easy way to test your vacuum flask to find whether it is good to keep warm. Just fill vacuum flask with hot water and wait for two minutes. If the body or the bottom of the vacuum flask is cold as before, it’s good quality vacuum flask.

Vacuum flask is definitely practical and valuable advertising gift for your business promotions. If you are interested in selecting vacuum flasks as your promotional gift, welcome to contact our sales for more detailed information.